Saudi Arabia Unveils Groundbreaking ‘Cultural Universe’ Metaverse in Collaboration with droppGroup and Oracle

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In a historic partnership, droppGroup, Oracle, and the Saudi Ministry of Culture are pleased to announce the opening of the Cultural Universe, the first government-run national Metaverse project in history. It is powered by droppGroup’s droppPhygital Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) AI system and Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology.

In honor of Saudi Arabia’s national Founding Day (2024), Cultural Universe launched online on February 22nd. It provided a never-before-seen fusion of digital innovation and cultural exhibits made possible by droppGroup’s GMI technology, droppPhygital. Users of the Founding Day Microverse platform may engage in many of the events and attractions from the Founding Day 2024 festivities “in real life” in a dynamic virtual environment.

This comprises interactive cultural features including a History Walk, areas devoted to Saudi history, art, music, and crafts, as well as miniature video games. The Performance Center of Cultural Universe will also stream live events, such as the Founding Day Beginning Symphony.

Cultural Universe is a web-based, completely immersive experience that is compatible with Mobile XR, meaning it can be accessed on a variety of devices. Users have a smooth experience entering the metaverse using desktop computers, mobile phones, virtual reality headsets, and other digital devices. The Ministry of Culture’s dedication to inclusion is embodied in its cross-platform compatibility, which makes it possible for a wide range of international audiences to learn about and interact with the rich legacy of Saudi culture.

A revolutionary moment in cultural participation occurred on Founding Day itself, when an unprecedented number of users from Saudi Arabia and throughout the world participated in Saudi Founding Day festivities in the Metaverse. According to the Ministry of Culture, this represents a huge advancement for involvement in and expression of culture in the future.

Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural history and current events have a digital counterpart called Cultural Universe. It is an example of how Vision 2030 aims to progress technology while preserving cultural traditions. droppGroup’s skill in “phygital” innovation and dedication to bridging the digital age are shown by their vital role in bringing together cutting-edge technology and cultural narratives.

This project aims to establish an international community where tradition and innovation coexist, and it goes beyond a simple technology advancement to represent a cultural revolution. Watch this space for a future where heritage and the future collide.

Visit Cultural Universe at to learn more.

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