OneRare – The World’s First 3D Foodverse Game Is Now Live!

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Jennifer Iyer
Jennifer Iyer
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Over a recent period, the hype of metaverse and play to earn (P2E) games are emerging attracting large users worldwide. Players are very interested in playing these virtual games which also supports earning passive incomes. At present, more or less there are all genres of games existing in the metaverse targeting all types of gamers. 

Interestingly, for the first time there is an opportunity for the foodies out there! Yes, it is the launch of a variety of food games connecting the entire food and beverage industry in the Web3 space. Thus all the players can enjoy playing this game on Mainnet as it is streaming Live now!

After a long wait, users are eager to celebrate OneRare, the world’s first Food Metaverse or Foodverse around the world. To be more specific, the first tokenization layer that introduces Food in Web3 – creating an engaging gaming experience for the users on Mainnet.  

Excited Food Metaverse Game – OneRare

OneRare is an innovative project which enhances the gaming industry attracting food lovers worldwide. Users can connect in this foodverse thereby representing in bringing the delicious food to the blockchain platform. In depth, it is basically a food metaverse which enables NFTs with P2E. Thus, it rewards the players for preparing their favorite dishes in Web3 space. 

Further, the native token of the OneRare project is ORARE token. Now the entire gaming platform engages the users attention with its interesting NFT ingredients. So, it directs the players in such a way, “Stake” the tokens for farming ingredients; “Shop” at the farmer’s market; “Play” games at the playground and to “Explore” the virtual food experiences in the Foodverse.

To make it more exciting, it enables the players to claim the NFTs from their favorite Chefs, food brands and restaurants. In addition, users can also gain it from being active on social food experiences & battles. And the players are lucky to swap their NFTs for real delicious meals prepared in the Foodverse game zone.

Thus, the entire Food metaverse is offering an innovative gaming experience with lots of features to explore. There are different game zones, with NFTs as ingredients and the entire kitchen setup with virtual experience. Additionally, the users are waiting for OneRare to release the two main mobile-friendly games, the Hippo Full and Foodtruck Wars.

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