NFT Inspect Set a Comeback With New Ownership

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Jennifer Iyer
Jennifer Iyer
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NFT Inspect, a popular research tool to evaluate an NFT’s worth and the health of its community, is back on track. Today, JVH Technology Inc. announced its acquisition of the company that serves as the ultimate hub for NFT communities and enthusiasts. 

Further, this acquisition of NFT Inspect, a renowned browser extension, and web-based application, marks a significant turning point for the sector, because NFT Inspect has persevered in creating cutting-edge technology despite changing market dynamics and macroeconomic developments.

Allan Satim, NFTInspect Business Development  Head stated;

We are thrilled to have acquired such a remarkable and popular Web3 project. Inspect has already established an exceptional community, and we are excited to integrate additional resources into the Inspect ecosystem while placing strong emphasis on community involvement and the fundamental principles of Web3. We envision NFT Inspect as a significant player in the NFT and SocialFi realm.

How NFT Inspect Works

NFT Inspect is dedicated to upholding its independence and focusing on creating unique and cutting-edge solutions for the Web3 and NFT communities. Also, the Web3 social intelligence tool is one of the most utilized programs in the sector, with over 100,000 users across several platforms.

Earlier this year, in January, the NFT analytics tool shut down, and now it’s back with the help of JVH Technology. However, the NFT Inspect acquisition highlights the Inspect team’s commitment to offering innovative technology and tools to the Web3 community. And it intends to establish the central hub of NFT communities and open the door for the next phase of cryptocurrency and NFT adoption. 

Further, NFT Inspect will continue to be the go-to place for Web3 social intelligence because it is the major focus for all things NFTs and SocialFi. The current strategy is to combine leading SocialFi and Web3 activities with other portfolio projects in order to build revenue-generating protocols and tools on the Inspect platform that will benefit our community.

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