Mozart manuscript for 130,000 euros auction

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
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A manuscript of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was auctioned off in Berlin for € 130,000. The two-sided Original, which went to a private bidders from the United States, containing the full first Violin for two orchestral dances (Köchel-directory 609 and 463), and three draft for one of the most important concerts in the life of the composer, as the auction house, J. A. Stargardt announced on Friday. The offer price was set at 140,000 euros.

The manuscript appears to be based on the Mozart research unknown, said the auction house. The Original deliver information for the planning of one of the most famous concerts of Mozart. In addition to handwritten Doodles and words, (“. and, and, and, and .”) Mozart notes for his Viennese concert of 23 had. March 1783 made. In the case of the appearance in the castle theatre Mozart had premiered, among other things, the revision of his “Haffner”Symphony, as well as his piano Concerto in C major, KV 415. Also, the piano Concerto and Rondo in D major, were on the program.

In a letter to his father Leopold at 29. March wrote “the theater would have ohnmöglich can völler be, and all lodges were engaged. the dearest was but to me that his Mayestätt kayser was also present, and how happy he was, and what a noisy time with his, he gave it to me…”.

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