iPhone Trick: This little known feature makes a Lot of writers life easier

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iOS 14
iPhone Trick: This is a secret feature of the keyboard makes a Lot of writers life easier

About the spacebar, the text selection on the iPhone easier

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Anyone who taps a lot on his iPhone knows the frustration of the marking of the correct text. A great function makes use of considerably more pleasant. It is just well hidden.

Chats, notes, and the quick E-Mail in the meantime: Since the Smartphone is for us to the main computer, you will not shy away many people from typing even longer texts directly on the small screen. You want to insert, but at a certain point something or a part of a text copy, is the fast of the irritating fumbling. The keyboard offers a much simpler variant.

With the introduction of iOS 13, the Move of the cursor was much easier: Instead of having to fiddly with the thick fingers on the correct point in the Text tap, it is sufficient since, to keep the spacebar pressed and use the Cursor freely around the screen to slide. This was previously only available on iPhones, which can distinguish about 3D Touch strength of a light Press. What hardly anyone knows: On almost the same way, Text is even easier to select.

So simply select the Text

Selecting Text has become in comparison to the early days of the iPhones, although significantly lighter. You tap a word twice, it is only marked in this word, in a three-way tap it is the whole paragraph. You want to copy but only a sentence or a sequence of words from a longer Text or cut, you have to fiddle with the fiddly, by small circles at the edges of the selected choice icons around.

To make it easier, you need to as above, the hold space bar is pressed, declared, to the letter keys of the keyboard will be greyed out. This is the Signal that the Cursor is on the desired position of the Text selection will begin. You place it and you won’t let go of the spacebar. Rather, you tap with a second Finger anywhere on the grayed-out keyboards-field. Now move the Finger on the spacebar, it starts to highlight the iPhone the Text from the Cursor as selected. Release when the desired Text is highlighted.

The Text is highlighted by a colour code, you only need to tap once to get to the other options like Copy, Paste or formatting options displayed.

An important tip: be Sure when you Place the cursor on the selection directly to a letter and not with a space to start. Otherwise, the previous part of the sentence is selected.

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