Ingolstadt: scammers will not have existing cars for around 600,000 euros sold

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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel is an award-winning national affairs columnist with the Toronto Star who writes about anything and everything. She got her start at Maclean's Magazine where she wrote frequently about women's issues, LGBT rights, and popular culture.

With the sale of non-existent cars should have cheated a man in the past year, more than half a Million Euro. 19 Damaged from European countries and the United States paid according to the police, about 600,000 euros in its accounts at three Ingolstadt banks.

Now the police Ingolstadt has announced the 60-to 65-year-old Unknown with photo on the mug. The Suspect had logged a year ago, probably with a fake Hungarian passport in Ingolstadt, a resident and an export company established.

On the Internet, he then offered up to September 2020 cars for sale that were actually in his possession, according to police. The course of the documents of the vehicle sent fake goods. “The supposedly purchased Cars were never delivered to the Injured”, according to investigators.

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