Indian Universities To Welcome Its Education System in Metaverse

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  • Indian educational institutes to implement Metaverse classes. 
  • Many schools and colleges started to experiment with virtual set-up. 
  • Students are eager to explore the learnings in the world of metaverse. 

Few years ago, people were expecting to explore and experience the digital world with advanced technologies. In that period, a section of experts believed that the technological rise will lead to mass adoption of the metaverse in the next few years. Similarly, at present, it is possible for any user to buy a space in the meta world for their needs. 

Moreover, like any other sectors,, it is exciting to see the educational institutions are transforming to ever-evolving technology, “Metaverse”. As the scope of metaverse is spreading around, Indian schools and universities are stepping forward to adopt metaverse. 

Implementing the usage of metaverse is a golden opportunity for all the students to learn about the new wave of technological innovation in education.  

India’s Education in the Metaverse

Being a trending technology today, Many Indian colleges, universities, even schools step forward to enhance the education system in the metaverse. Some have already begun to experiment with advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) laboratories in their institutions. 

To be specific, IIT Madras is one among them who has a virtual set up namely “haptic technology” in its place over 16 years. Moving forward, in 2020, the prestigious university exclusively adopted AR and VR labs for its students to expose the virtual mode of learning and training. Hence, IIT Madras is recognized as a pioneer in the area of experiential technology innovation.

As the technologies are growing at a fast pace with new advancements each day, stepping into the real virtual world is very soon. Witnessing the upgrades in all sectors, it is a fact that the technology has just started to breathe in this era. 

As a Result, India is developing to become a digitalised country in near future. Right from B-schools to reputed universities in India, all are highly interested in providing the education in the metaverse. Thus, these immersive technologies also hold a power in bringing in more profitable businesses to the users.

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