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Emma Teitel
Emma Teitel
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The scene of the game: The DFB Team is in transition. Games, especially test matches, can be tough, must be adopted together thrown out the game, but only once. In the 17. Minute against Norway showed the national team, however, as beautiful wrapping can be: Sara Däbritz secured in the middle of the Ball and played a diagonal pass to Laura-release, who worked with the hoe on Tabea Waßmuth. And also Waßmuth was not long, played the Ball sharply into the penalty area on Linda Dallmann, the best attack of the game ended into the far corner full.

The Result: 3:1 (2:1) won the DFB-Team against Norway in Wiesbaden, Germany. Laura-Release (8. Minute), Linda Dallmann (17.) and Paulina Krumbiegel (63.) penalties for Germany, Norway, was riding in the initial phase by Guro (4.) in the lead left.

Jugend forscht: However, the performance of the team of Martina Voss should not be underestimated-Tecklenburg. With Sjoeke Nüsken, Paulina Krumbiegel, Jule fire and Sophia small Herne four game came to be used, were born in the new Millennium (the 19-year-old, almost routine Lena Oberdorf missing after the Corona-spat to Wolfsburg in the array, and thus in this list). After the game there was a special commendation of the Stars of the team, Sara Däbritz. “We are glad that we have our young Chicks, in the process,” she said. Däbritz, incidentally, is only 26.

First Half: The Start of the game went wrong, Leonie Maier headed a long diagonal ball to the Norwegians unclean to the front, on Caroline Graham Hansen, the Ball came to riding, the left foot (4.). For too long, the DFB-game stayed inside, but with the residue-free response showed that she is born to be a key striker, after a corner, she took a abgeprallten Ball directly met from the rotation to compensate for (8.). It can free gear, but also playful, showed you to the opening goal, see point one.

The Mid-Term: Fritz Keller appeared as the DFB President, in which he stated the football, the women’s affair of the heart. In the break, the basement was responded to criticism of the lack of development of the professionalization, then there was a broadside:

  • On the Comments made by Bayern Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said that the women “have to analogue set-up for the men’s soccer new” is to work sustainably, said the basement, that it is not just clubs could be, the “players buy and then a professional team. With money, it is always easier”.

  • After the national goalkeeper in the pregnancy leave, Almuth Schult, in a television Interview, pointing out that the British model – the BBC has shared some of the rights to the Women’s Super League, voice cellar, for the ZDF to. The public broadcaster will be able to even think about it, not only the games, but also to show the League of women said basement. The DFB itself could certainly do more to promote the football, the women, he said.

Second Half: Both Teams alternated kicking, among other things, Voss-Tecklenburg took out with Däbritz your field virtuoso, to save for the Champions League return match with your club Paris Saint-Germain Olympique Lyon on Sunday. After all, fire once took the role of the playmaker, pushed from its Position on the right rear of the Attack caused Chaos in the Norwegian Defensive and let the left-indented Krumbiegel free insertion (62.).

Without Problems: DFB goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger stand against Norway for the second Time between the posts. In view of its services and facilities to the low number of countries seems to play grotesque low. On the line, it was not required so right, in the game she was part far ahead of your goal and played a demanding passports, which were played with a pressure just above the grass, in order to shift quickly to the side. Not to mention their outstanding penalty-control: Once, you could not be a cunning flank of riding on the first post for a surprise, but held on to the Ball. Then she stood up, walked a few steps and made soothing Gestures in the direction of their teammates. “I have everything under control”, she seemed to want to say.

And she had. There is no plausible reason why the number of Bergers countries should not multiply in the coming months and years.

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