From 2017 ICO to New Product Launches This Year: Origin Protocol Celebrates Six Years of Growth

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  • Origin Protocol has grown through several bull and bear markets, supporting the mainstream adoption of crypto through its innovative products that leverage Ethereum’s blossoming ecosystem.
  • From inventing the yield-bearing stablecoin in 2020 to launching OETH earlier this year, Origin’s DeFi branch consistently generates boosted DeFi yield, with over $90M in total value locked. 
  • In its six years of existence, the Origin protocol has dared different sectors including bringing together realtors and investors through NFTs.

Despite the devastating impact of the 2022 crypto winter that has claimed dozens of projects, Origin Protocol, a vibrant crypto ecosystem, has successfully clocked six years since its inception. Backed by top crypto investors like Pantera Capital, Alexis Ohanian, BlockTower, among many others, Origin Protocol has grown to a mature ecosystem comprising three different products that actively help onboard mainstream users. The three products developed by Origin Protocol include Origin Ether, Origin Story, and Origin Dollar.

Origin Protocol has successfully built key infrastructure across Ethereum’s network, leveraging top DeFi protocols and liquid staking tokens to generate yield for users. Notably, Origin Protocol has tapped into the success of the Ethereum network, which enjoys a huge support base due to its high liquidity and reliable staking mechanisms.

Closer Look at Origin Protocol Products as the Protocol Marks Six Years

The three flagship products developed by Origin Protocol have distinct features that have helped the network become more competitive in a highly saturated industry. Building for the long-term, Origin has developed products for the real world, including sustainable yield generation on USD and ETH, as well as NFT infrastructure for real world assets. 

  • Origin Ether

Origin Ether (OETH) is a liquid staking product that has recorded significant growth since launching in May, following Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade that enables withdrawals of staked Ethereum. According to the latest crypto price oracles provided by Coingecko, Origin Ether (OETH) has a market capitalization of about $76 million and a 24-hour average traded volume of about $182k.

Origin Ether has become popular among Ethereum stakers due to its higher and more reliable rewards amounting to about 6.13 percent on a 30-day trailing market. Moreover, Origin Ether uses auto-compounding from different DeFi projects with protocol-guaranteed liquidity. Notably, the future outlook of OETH is governed by the voters who lock their native token, OGV.

As of reporting time, the OGV token has a market capitalization of about $4 million and trades around $0.0049. The Origin Protocol’s native token is listed on major crypto exchanges and DeFi platforms including Huobi, KuCoin, Uniswap, and Curve, among many others.

  • Origin Story

The Origin Story is a collection of tools developed by Origin Protocol to empower NFT communities through marketplaces like Roofstock onChain, Pudgy Penguins, 0N1 Force, and the Alien Boy, among others. Since inception, Origin Story has been working with celebrities and investors seeking to launch individual NFT marketplaces.

For instance, Origin Story has helped sell three real estate worth nearly $1 million in the past year through the partnership with Roofstock onChain. The move is geared towards helping investors seamlessly interact with real word assets (RWAs) on Ethereum’s blockchain, cutting out intermediaries that cause redundancies for end users.

  • Origin Dollar 

Origin Dollar (OUSD) is a product of Origin Protocol that follows the price of USD, earning yield for users while the asset is held in crypto wallets. By being 100% redeemable to top stablecoins, OUSD has generated 6.31% APY for holders over the past 30 days. As of reporting time, the OUSD reserves constituted 40% USDC, 33% Tether USDT, and 25% DAI. The development of OUSD is governed by the OGV stakers.

What’s Next for Origin Protocol

Origin protocol is expected to be among the top performers with notable liquidity during the next crypto bull run. Moreover, Origin Protocol consists of a vibrant online community and significant on-chain activity. Amid the heightened demand for web3 and DeFi projects by institutional investors, Origin Protocol intends to further cultivate a transparent ecosystem to attract more investors seeking to earn passively through its yield-bearing tokens. 

“As we reflect on 6 years of Origin Protocol, it’s gratifying to see how Origin has matured into the ecosystem it is today. Our journey from conceptualization to delivering valuable products showcases our unwavering commitment to our mission. The best part is this is just the beginning. The roadmap ahead for Origin and the broader crypto industry is brimming with potential,” Josh Fraser, co-founder at Origin protocol, noted.

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