Deserted Logan Paul Game Built by DaoMaker’s Degen Zoo in Just 30 Days

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By himself, Christoph Zaknun created Degen Zoo, an NFT game based on Logan Paul’s abandoned Crypto Zoo, in under 30 days. To refute Paul’s assertion that the development process would take years, the creator of DAO Maker decided to take up the task of developing the abandoned idea. Setting new records for a crypto game, more than 115,000 wallets have registered to play with pledges totaling over $700 million.

Degen Zoo consists of an NFT collection with 120 endangered species and a deflationary token. It is intended to mimic how capitalism affects wildlife extinction. Gamers are encouraged to “kill” their NFT animal in order to exterminate the collection and draw attention to the terrible consequences of human greed on nature.

After receiving criticism for doing nothing for a year after collecting money, Logan Paul made a video in which he claimed Christoph Zaknun had no authority to set the deadline for the needed progress. The founder of DAO Maker decided to correct him by creating the game himself in under 30 days as a result. Zaknun promised to give all Degen Zoo revenues to charity in order to further dunk on Paul by showcasing the YouTube star’s greed.

Due in large part to Zaknun’s choice to broadcast daily updates on his work, interest in Degen Zoo has increased throughout the building process.

The Degen Zoo Twitter account has more than 250,000 followers, all of whom are enthralled by the project updates. The first testnet of Degen Zoo was made available only hours before the challenge’s end on day 30. Within days, 3,000 gamers eager to try out the game generated more than 30,000 testnet transactions.

Degen Zoo is now being released on the mainnet by Christoph Zaknun, who first started developing the game as a joke. Degen Zoo has outperformed every prior standard throughout the course of its expedited development, exceeding the demand for any GameFi release to date. In the process, it transformed from a fresh idea into a successful experiment in game theory and psychological principles.

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