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New Version of the Corona-Warning App from Monday: these are the two great innovations

How is the effectiveness of the Corona-Warning-App is?

The Corona-Warning App appears in a new Version

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In the Corona App is an algorithm that calculated according to scientific criteria, whether a higher infection risk has passed is. Like almost any algorithm, it works with additional data. This is to make the User is now available.

The Corona-Warning-App of the Federation will be expanded next Monday to include two functions. To a Positive can enter-Tested on a voluntary basis in a kind of diary symptoms of the disease, to the alarm of contacts even more precise implement. In addition, the App beyond the borders of Germany will work in a number of European countries. About the imminent Update with the Symptom diary function had first reported the “mirror”.

Through the additional information in the risk calculation in the App should be improved. This is determined for contacts of Infected how high your risk is. The President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, told the German press Agency: “The more we know about the symptoms and the duration of the symptoms, the more accurately we can set the alerts in the App.” Infected persons are only a certain length of time infectious. They would infect other people during this period. This time span start typically two days prior to symptom onset and lasts up to about a week to ten days after symptom onset.

Wieler stressed the seriousness of the current situation. There is now some health authorities no longer have control over the outbreaks. And the more complex the infection is going to happen, the more important it will to also use a means such as the Corona-Warning App could also track the contacts that could determine the health authorities. To contacts in the public transport module, for example.

Corona-Warning App does not replace hygiene measures

The App is not a panacea to combat the pandemic. Do not replace the rules for the spatial distance, the Hygiene, the everyday masks and Ventilation. “But the more the pandemic is gaining momentum, the more important is the Corona-is-Warning-App as a little tool, which provides also a contribution that we are able to control the pandemic better.”

The App has now been downloaded around 19.6 million Times. Experts assume that the application is used by approximately 16 million people in Germany. Recently the daily Download had Numbers to around 100,000 tripled. The new Version 1.5 is expected on Monday at noon in the App Stores of Apple and Google.

A spokesman for the software group SAP stressed, initial technical problems were now “largely resolved”. On the iPhone of Apple, there have been no problems with a significant shortening of the battery life. For this is a good assessment of speaking by the user in the App Store. But on Android, you have the problems also thanks to the advice from the Community “largely out of control.” The subjects are also less powerful Android Smartphones, which have had difficulty in Opening the database of contact details.

SAP has developed the App and the associated infrastructure, together with the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems. The application from Germany will now be considered by Google and Apple as a reference application for Corona-Warning Apps and also beyond Europe effects.


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