Chiliz & TOPGOAL Elevate Football Experience With Web3 Integration

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  • TOPGOAL and Chiliz merge Web3 tech with Footballcraft for decentralized football experience.
  • GOAL tokens drive in-game actions, expands Chiliz fan token utility.

In a groundbreaking move, TOPGOAL leading sports metaverse platform has teamed up with Chiliz, a leading name in Web3 sports technology, to revolutionize the world of football gaming. The collaboration aims to merge traditional gaming with Web3 innovations, introducing Footballcraft, a cross-platform mobile game set to reshape the decentralized football metaverse.

Footballcraft, a 12x speed football metaverse game, integrates Web3 technology with Football AI to offer an immersive virtual space. Players will use GOAL tokens on Chiliz Chain, an independent layer 1 blockchain for in-game activities such as NFT trades and player purchases. The game also expands utility for Chiliz’s club fan tokens, allowing direct purchases within Footballcraft. 

Moreover, fan token holders gain influence over real-world club decisions, boosting Chiliz’s appeal. TOPGOAL’s CEO, Xander, expressed excitement about bridging gaming and blockchain. And Chiliz’s CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, highlighted the transformation of football through Web3. They empower to redefine the digital football industry, offering fans an interconnected and interactive experience.

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