NPP: The New CBDC Platform that could Revolutionize Finance

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Fiat currency systems have long become the most utilized legal tender in every nation. The issuance and minting of paper currency lie with the government. Additionally, the quantifiable value of fiat money largely depends on the government or the mutual agreement between the parties transacting. 

However, circulating more physical money to the economy ultimately leads to a downfall in its value. As a result, many people lose faith and interest in the traditional currency system. On the other hand, however, digital payments are gaining a significant adoption level. 

The National Payment Platform poses as a visionary system that wishes to administer a sovereign digital currency. To ensure the success of NPP, it requires the compatibility of Apollo Fintech products. Making use of the Apollo company gives NPP an immense advantage to receive the safest and most futuristic services.

A Brief Insight on the NPP Platform

The National Payment Platform is a brilliant innovative system established by Apollo Fintech. It is a cashless system that aims to provide banking services to every unbanked individual. As per their primary objectives, the NPP ecosystem is here to solve issues to do with the usability and accessibility of financial services. 

For true mass adoption to happen, NPP strives to make agents available at any physical location. Focusing on the usability question, the NPP wants to make mobile payments through a single SMS. Below, we evaluate some of the impressive features NPP has in store:


Many sectors today, including financial systems, experience cyber-attacks now and then. However, Safeguarding the database is a significant priority for NPP. It utilizes quantum-resistant encryption technology to protect the system against external malicious threats.

Point of Sale System

Merchants have the opportunity to join the NPP platform through online sign-ups. After getting on board, the NPP system allows merchants to advertise their products, sell them, and receive money directly on the same platform. Displaying catalogues on the payment platform encourages merchants to sell more products and expand exponentially.

Zero Timeouts

Usually, every transaction detail is recorded in the blockchain technology. Under this feature, blockchain ensures the database is running effectively. Therefore, the NPP system will barely experience any glitches or downtimes.

Facilitates a Smooth Transaction Economy

The NPP ecosystem provides faster transaction processing for its users. Transaction services between wallets and other economies are much quicker courtesy of the Apollo Fintech tailor-made products.

Apollo boasts as the most future-rich company providing more advanced services. That said, what are the customized services Apollo offers to the new CBDC platform?

How NPP Incorporates Apollo Fintech Products

In a bid to become the most effective payment platform, NPP utilizes a variety of Apollo Fintech’s solutions. Among the products that support the convenience and sustainability of NPP include:

Apollo Cash

As mentioned earlier, NPP enables mobile transactions through SMS. Apollo Konx Pay is one product that facilitates SMS transaction capabilities. Other than SMS services, NPP allows other payment avenues for users, including QR Codes, the mobile app, NFC cards, among other options. Another exciting feature by Apollo Cash is the ability to finalize peer-to-peer transactions at lightning speeds. It means that users can send money anywhere across the globe within sub-seconds. The database sharding feature evident in the Apollo Cash system provides it with comprehensive partitioning of the database. Splitting every information found on the database makes NPP a sustainable and fast network, easing every traffic on the database.

Knox Exchange

NPP users receive unlimited access to banking institutions that provide an array of services. Knox Exchange services join hands with the government and financial institutions to provide services such as depositing money and pave the way for almost immediate bank transfers. Under Knox Exchange, operators are standby at any time to offer assistance to every user on the NPP platform. Furthermore, Knox deploys high-end security properties like registry locks and cold storage features to safeguard every NPP user.

Apollo Bank Network

Under normal circumstances, sending money across continents takes a lot of time. Nonetheless, integrating NPP with Apollo Bank Network helps facilitate quicker money transfers almost immediately. It is built on an unhackable database that ensures no one tries to manipulate the system, therefore, providing a secure environment for NPP users all thanks to the Apollo Bank Network. Additionally, payments made on the NPP platform are traceable with the Apollo Bank Network.

These are just a few of the networks within the Apollo Fintech network that can work hand in hand with NPP. In that way, it will increase the general efficiency of the system while enabling extensive leveraging of all its benefits.


Payment solutions nowadays are somewhat sluggish with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. Issues like delays in transacting, high cost of transactions and even loss of funds become the daily norm. 

Shifting to NPP could help alleviate the pains targeting the current payment systems. Utilizing the NPP ecosystem gives users unprecedented freedom to trade and transact freely in a secure and convenient system. 

Further linking Apollo Fintech services with NPP boosts it to greater heights. Through Apollo, NPP is set to facilitate world-class financial services and enable the central bank to rely on the power of blockchain technology.

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